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Editing Experience:

Webcam Technician
2005 May - July

Crash Test Mommy (Reality TV Series) ~ Paperny Films

- Travelled with Second Unit, transferring footage from HD cameras into Final Cut Pro.
- Edited the desired clips on the fly and, within, minutes, sent the short sequence to Main Unit.
- Worked under time pressure and in a constantly changing environment that required continuous problem solving.

Small Projects Editor
1995 - Present

For Myself, For Friends, For Relatives

- I have edited many personal projects ranging from short films to travel documentaries and school video-essay projects.
- Through these projects, I am fluent in Final Cut Express, Adobe Premiere and Pinnacle Studio

Other Film and Work Experience:

Sound Board Operator
2000 - Present

New Life Community Church, Burnaby

- Audio / Visual setup and operation on Sunday mornings and evenings include live mixing, recording, and playback.

Production Assistant
2005 May - Present

Smallville (TV Series)
Kyle XY (TV Series)
Blade (TV Series)
Robson Arms (TV Series)
Masters of Science Fiction(TV Series)

The Rogue (Feature)
A Decent Proposal (MOW)
Stanger In My Bed (MOW)
Three Moons Over Milford (Pilot)


Simon Fraser University
2000 - 2005

BFA ~ Music Composition Major

- Six years of hands-on experience with ProTools as well as recording, mixing, and transferring technologies.
- Alongside composition classes, I also studied Film History, Film Theory, and Sound Design.

Capilano College

BC Film Industry Orientation Course
DGC Orientation Course
Production Assistant Workshop


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